Library Services include but are not limited to:

  • Library Resources Orientation: Overview of library services, space, and resources (Room reservations, Digital Library, Computer Labs, Inter-Library Loans)
  • Introductory and Advanced uses of PubMed and discipline specific resources
  • Evidence-Based Medicine: Clinical Research; Systematic Reviews; and Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Research strategies and Grant Support: Abstract writing, Poster creation
  • Literature review for grant application, publication of manuscripts and book chapters
  • Citation management Tool ( RefWorks) – saving citations and using them to write and cite
  • Consultation on Copyrights & Trademarks

Through continuing education and professional development initiatives, librarians continuously keep abreast of new developments in librarianship/information services, instructional and information technology. They consistently work collaboratively to improve the services of the library and efficiency of the Digital Library


With so many resources available on the World Wide Web and the issues that coincide with online resources, librarians have developed training programs to ensure that our patrons receive the most benefit possible from their online searching. Our primary goal is to support the education, research, and patient care activities that address the fulfillment of competencies or criteria required by affiliated accrediting bodies of the health sciences colleges.

Library Supports What we Do What’s in it for your College
Teaching & Learning Serve as liaisons to specific departments and help faculty identify unique resources from the library collection that may not be evidently displayed on the library website

Collaboration with the Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Assessment (CETLA) to provide faculty development services

Provide in-depth, one-on-one, or small-group consulting on point-of-care resources

Custom Curriculum resources

Design instructional tutorials, create and update online tutorials on the library website (LibGuides)

Increased knowledge of resources

Enhanced search skills for finding evidence-based information

Ability to make well-informed decision in clinical care

Integration of library resources in Teaching & Learning

Self-paced tutorials on easy access of library resources

Literature Review Partnership with faculty to provide literature review services Reviewing literature to assess what has already been covered in a topic of interest; Identifying resources available on the topic; and compiling relevant citations.
Community Health Outreach Programs & Research Publications Collaborate with Research Centers to support healthcare initiatives (Cancer, Diabetes, Genomics, Mental Health, Health Disparities)

Partner with student health fairs, and local health network committees to develop and enhance community health outreach programs

Accreditation Requirement:

Foster interprofessional collaboration with the health sciences library and the School of Social Work students and faculty

Engage health sciences students in community health outreach research studies

Open Access & Scholarly Publications Maintain the Health Sciences Scholarly Activity Database

Introduce and promote ORCID ID – a digital identifier for researchers

Instant access to faculty publications

Distinguishes individuals with similar names

Research & Coauthoring Services Partner with the Office of Research to provide grant and research related services

Develop, refine and perform literature and systematic reviews in a wide array of databases for manuscript publications

Assist with abstract writing, and poster creation

Information Resources/Theses & Dissertations

Techniques used in reviewing literature

Data visualization/Infographics Abstracts & Dynamic Posters

Citation management Tools

  • Improved search skills
  • Assistance with literature review
  • Suggested journals in which the articles could be published
  • Citation verification with appropriate format for publishing manuscripts
Research Topics
NIH Updates for Researchers


measurement of the number of times an article has been viewed or downloaded


application of various statistical analyses to study patterns of authorship, publication, and literature use

Stay informed on NIH updates

Identify journals with high impact factor for scholarly publications

Open Access & Scholarly Publications Maintain the Health Sciences Scholarly Activity Database

Introduce and promote ORCID ID – a digital identifier for researchers

Instant access to faculty publications

Distinguishes individuals with similar names

Intellectual Property (Copyrights & Trademarks) Library partnership with Founders to support HU’s Patent & Trademark Resource Center To better serve patrons with their intellectual property inquiries within the Howard Health Sciences community
Archives Acquire, preserve, digitize, and highlight the history of health sciences departments at HU Easy, digital access of centralized historical content